Aerial Surveying and Imaging 3D Representations of Mining Sites
AltoMaxx’s drone-based LiDAR technology revolutionizes mineral exploration, offering precise ore volume calculation, environmental monitoring, and slope stability assessment, ensuring efficient, safe, and cost-effective mining operations.

Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring

Mining plays a crucial role in our economy, providing the raw materials essential for constructing goods and services critical to our daily lives. From roads and hospitals to automobiles, houses, computers, and satellites, mined materials are foundational to our way of life. They are also integral to generating electricity and other energy resources.

Altomaxx's advanced drone technology enhances the efficiency and accuracy of mineral exploration. Using cutting-edge LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the mining industry.

Key Applications of LiDAR in Mineral Exploration:

  • Calculation of Ore Volumes:
    • Accurate Measurements: Our LiDAR-equipped drones provide precise measurements of ore volumes, ensuring accurate resource estimation.
    • Enhanced Planning: Detailed volumetric data aids in optimizing extraction processes and improving overall project planning.
  • Site Monitoring of Environmental Effects:
    • Environmental Compliance: Regular monitoring helps ensure that mining operations comply with environmental regulations and minimize their impact on the surrounding ecosystem.
    • Real-Time Data: Our drones provide real-time data on environmental conditions, enabling prompt action to mitigate adverse effects.
  • Slope Stability Assessment:
    • Safety Assurance: LiDAR technology allows for detailed slope stability analysis, identifying potential hazards and preventing landslides or collapses.
    • Proactive Measures: Early detection of slope instability enables the implementation of preventative measures, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

Advantages of Altomaxx’s LiDAR-Equipped Drones:

  • Rapid Data Collection:
    • Our drones can quickly cover large areas, collecting high-resolution data in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods.
    • This rapid data acquisition accelerates project timelines and reduces operational costs.
  • High Accuracy:
    • LiDAR technology provides unparalleled accuracy in topographical mapping and volumetric analysis.
    • This precision ensures reliable data for decision-making, enhancing the efficiency of mining operations.
  • Versatility:
    • Our drones are capable of operating in diverse environments, including challenging terrains and remote locations.
    • They can conduct surveys in areas that are difficult or dangerous for ground-based teams to access.

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