ISO Certification

ISO/IEC 21384-3 Unmanned Aircraft Systems – Operational Procedures Certification

ISO/IEC 21834-3 is an internationally recognized standard for the operation of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). ISO 21834-3 certification verifies that UAS operations follow proven best practices, adhere to local regulations, and meet all safety requirements.
ISO certification assures that UAS service and operations are optimized. Obtaining ISO certification requires an investment towards improved processes and controls, while providing additional credibility with customers.

AltoMaxx is an independent certifying body established in Newfoundland and Labrador to
cater to the needs of certification of products in the unmanned aerial vehicle field.

As the first company in the industry to offer certification for ISO/IEC 21384-3 Unmanned
Aircraft Systems – Operational Procedures, Altomaxx maintains a commitment to provide quality audits and certification services.

All application and certification inquires can be made to:
AltoMaxx Technologies Inc.
004 – 40 Aberdeen Avenue, St. John’s, NL
A1A 5T3
Phone: (833) 258-6629

ISO Certification Process

Certification is a multi-step process. To begin, please contact AltoMaxx and provide a detailed description of the service activity. You will then receive an application document – complete and submit this application to receive a quote for ISO Certification services. For the certification process, both parties must meet the requirements for accreditation ensuring the service requested is possible.

Once approved for the certification process, we will schedule an evaluation based on the criteria of the 21384-3 Unmanned Aircraft Systems. An evaluation report is prepared by AltoMaxx to document client conformance. The evaluation report is reviewed and a decision is made based on a multistep verification process which ensures the client meets the requirements. A license agreement gives the client permission to apply our label to their process. AltoMaxx performs ongoing operation procedure surveillance on a three year term.

Statement of Openness
AltoMaxx Technologies preserves its commitment to provide quality audits and certification services through openness and training.

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AltoMaxx Certification Process:

0.1 Certification Agreement: Fill and return for quote (English/French)
0.1 Terms and Conditions (English/French) 

Overview of Certification Procedures:

  1. Procedure for Control of Impartiality Committee
  2. Procedure for Use of Logo
  3. Procedure for Corrective and Preventive Action
  4. Complaint and Appeal Procedure
  5. Procedure for Evaluations
  6. Granting, Maintaining, Extending, Reducing Scope, Suspending, Withdrawing, or Refusing Certification Procedure 
  7. Procedure for Successful Applicants


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