ISO 21384-3 is an internationally recognized standard for the operation of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). ISO 21384-3 certification verifies that UAS operations follow proven best practices, adhere to local regulations, and meet all safety requirements.

ISO Certification

ISO certification assures that UAS service and operations are optimized. Obtaining ISO certification requires an investment towards improved processes and controls, while providing additional credibility with customers.

Altomaxx Guidelines for Certification

This guideline provides essential policies and guidelines for clients and Altomaxx to follow during the ISO Certification process. It outlines key steps, requirements, and best practices to ensure successful compliance and certification. It is a valuable resource for organizations seeking ISO certification, offering a comprehensive overview to guide them through each phase effectively.
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ISO 21384-3 Education

Altomaxx offers ISO 21384-3 Education to help companies assess their readiness for certification. The course provides an overview of ISO 21384-3, covering standard criteria, certification requirements, and real-world examples of compliant drone operations.
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Application Inquires

ISO 21384-3 certification is multi-step. Contact Altomaxx with a detailed UAS process description. Complete and submit the application for certification services to receive a quote. Both parties must meet accreditation requirements to ensure the requested service is possible.
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ISO Certification Process

Once approved, Altomaxx schedules an evaluation based on ISO 21384-3 criteria. Our auditors prepare a conformance report. A thorough review and multi-step verification process ensure applicants meet certification requirements.
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Certified Client Directory

Our ISO 21384-3 certified clients have UAS operational procedures vetted by Altomaxx auditors. They undergo three years of ongoing surveillance audits to ensure continuous compliance. Certified clients can apply the Altomaxx ISO certification mark to their product or service.
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Frequently Asked Questions

ISO Certification FAQs provide answers to common questions about ISO 21384-3 standards, accreditation processes, and the significance of certification.

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