Understanding Buried Infrastructure Drone-Based Detection Solutions
Discover the intricate network of buried infrastructure using drone-equipped magnetometry technology, providing essential insights for informed project planning and effective risk mitigation strategies.

Drone-Based Detection Solutions

Beneath every project lies a complex network of cables, pipes, and other buried infrastructure that is critical to the success and safety of any construction or development endeavor. Understanding the type and location of these assets is a crucial step before starting any project in an existing area, especially when asset information is missing or incomplete. The failure to identify these hidden elements can lead to severe consequences, including costly delays, damage to infrastructure, and safety hazards.

Comprehensive Asset Mapping

Using our advanced Magnetometry-equipped drones, Altomaxx provides a comprehensive and detailed mapping of underground infrastructure. These drones are designed to detect both metallic and non-metallic objects, offering a clear and precise picture of what lies beneath the surface. This capability is particularly beneficial in urban areas, where the density of buried utilities can be exceptionally high.

Efficient and Accurate Surveys

Our drone-based magnetometry solutions are efficient and accurate, enabling rapid surveys of large areas with minimal disruption to the surface environment. This efficiency not only saves time but also reduces the costs associated with traditional surveying methods, such as ground-penetrating radar (GPR) that requires manual operation.

Early Risk Identification

Identifying potential risks early in the project planning phase is vital for mitigating unforeseen issues during construction. Our drones provide high-resolution data that helps in the identification of underground utilities and other hidden hazards. This proactive approach ensures that project teams can plan effectively, avoiding damage to existing infrastructure and minimizing project delays.

Versatile Applications

Our buried infrastructure detection services are applicable across a wide range of projects, including construction, utility maintenance, and environmental assessments. Whether you are developing a new site or managing an existing infrastructure network, our drones can deliver the precise information needed to proceed safely and confidently.

Solutions for Buried Infrastructure Detection

High-Resolution Mapping: Our drones offer detailed underground mapping, identifying the exact location and type of buried assets. Cost-Effective Surveys: Efficient and accurate drone surveys reduce the need for extensive manual labor and lower project costs. Risk Mitigation: Early identification of underground utilities and hazards helps in planning and avoids costly project delays. Versatile Deployment: Suitable for various projects, including urban development, construction, and environmental monitoring. Real-Time Data Access: Immediate access to survey data allows for quick decision-making and enhances project planning. By leveraging our drone-based magnetometry technology, Altomaxx ensures that your project can proceed with a clear understanding of the buried infrastructure, enhancing safety, efficiency, and success.

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