Cutting-Edge Technology Drone Services for Power Utilities
Drone Services for Power Utilities offer enhanced safety and efficiency, vital for managing critical assets in the energy sector. Altomaxx provides tailored solutions utilizing cutting-edge technology and AI integration.

Drone Services for Power Utilities


Drone Services provide a significant increase in safety, efficiency, and reliability for power utilities operations. Drones are capable of conducting routine inspections and providing essential data for optimal management of critical assets.

The importance of energy in our society cannot be understated. From manufacturing to transportation, technological innovation, and everything in between, all economic activity requires power.

The Energy industry relies on the ability of power utilities to supply clients with uninterrupted power, efficient load distribution, and minimal system downtime. Technological innovation has influenced the industry at a rapid pace, increasing delivery of critical success factors.

Power producers and utilities with flexible business models and operations have seen the greatest success in this rapidly changing environment. Drone services are an innovation that has seen rapid uptake in the industry. The adoption of this emerging technology is due to the many applications and benefits of drones as a tool, and due to the enhanced efficiency and reduced risk provided by drone services.

Power utilities rely on inspections and maintenance programs to ensure the safe and effective operation of critical infrastructure. However, inspections of power corridors, transmission and distribution lines, and other important assets can take large amounts of time and money to carry out. Drone-based services are a safe and efficient solution to the inspection and management needs of power utility professionals.

At Altomaxx, we work with clients across all phases of the power lifecycle to deliver drone-based solutions tailored to their needs. Our state-of-the-art solution uses the latest drone technology, proven data capture techniques, and Artificial Intelligence to provide efficient management and optimization of critical asset, infrastructure, and inspection data.

Our experience in linear infrastructure, asset management, surveying, mapping, and modeling helps our clients deliver safe and efficient maintenance programs, avoid costly outages, and meet the demands of regulators and clients.

Critical Infrastructure Inspections

Understanding the physical condition of assets is crucial for power utility operations. Drone technology enables inspections in hard-to-reach areas, supporting safe maintenance, avoiding outages, and meeting regulatory demands. We use technologies like photogrammetry, LiDAR, thermal imaging, bathymetry, magnetometry, GPR, and confined space inspections.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming industries by enhancing operational speed, accuracy, and reliability. Leveraging AI, particularly in computer vision, allows us to interpret visual data effectively. This empowers power utilities to spend less time decoding inspection data and more time maintaining systems, thereby improving overall productivity and reliability.

Survey, Mapping, and Modelling

Understanding your site is crucial for project delivery. Drone Services offer an aerial advantage, delivering fast and reliable modelling services. Our experts utilize technologies like photogrammetry, LiDAR, thermal imaging, bathymetric and magnetometric sensing, and GPR for comprehensive surveying, mapping, and modeling solutions.

Vegetation Management

Vegetation growth along power transmission and distribution corridors poses a serious risk to utility operations, often causing power failures. Drone services provide a solution by efficiently mapping these corridors, generating accurate 2D and 3D models. Utilizing technologies like photogrammetry, thermal imaging, and AI ensures effective vegetation.

Solar Farm Inspections

Solar farm inspections are crucial for ensuring operational efficiency and minimizing costs. Drone services offer a safer and more efficient solution by detecting hot spots in real-time. Altomaxx inspection services utilize advanced technologies like photogrammetry and thermal imaging to provide accurate and timely data for solar farm management.

Boiler/Stack Inspections

Drone technology enables comprehensive inspections of boilers and stacks, reducing operational downtime and enhancing worker safety. Our drones are equipped with obstacle avoidance systems, spotlights, and thermal imaging cameras for accurate defect detection. We utilize advanced technologies like photogrammetry and thermal imaging

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