Altomaxx Drone Bathymetric Surveys
Bathymetry measures the depth beneath water surfaces, producing underwater maps of riverbeds, creek systems, lake bottoms, ocean floors, wastewater treatment ponds, and tailings ponds.

The bathymetric data can be used to calculate water volume, measure sediment deposits, document coastal erosion, and provide other critical insights about water resources.

Drone bathymetric surveys are unencumbered by the typical infrastructure, expenses, and limitations associated with other platforms. Drones are versatile and able to be deployed in situations where traditional bathymetry methods are impractical or unsafe, such as shallow coastal areas, strong current systems, and caustic tailing ponds.

Altomaxx drone bathymetry utilizes autonomous, pre-planned flights to provide maximum efficiency, while precise GPS positioning systems ensure accurate data and repeatable survey lines. Through drone technology, Altomaxx can provide fast and cost-effective access to bathymetric data – allowing clients to make informed decisions and successfully manage their assets.

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