Thermal Imaging

Thermal cameras translate thermal energy (heat) into visible light, creating the ability to see in low or zero-light situations, peer through obscuring smoke or fog, and detect imperceptible variances in temperature. Thermal imaging has sparked applications in a wide range of commercial use including Public Safety, Wildlife Management, Building and Asset Management, and Healthcare.

Originally developed for military use as a night vision instrument, thermal imaging cameras have quickly migrated to other industries in a wide range of uses. Like standard digital cameras, thermal cameras produce and display a digital copy of what the lens sees. The difference is that thermal cameras use infrared radiation (or heat) to generate the image – resulting in the ability to see beyond the range of visible light and view things that were previously invisible to the naked eye.

In recent years handheld and mountable devices become readily available in the industry, and the ability to integrate thermal cameras into drone platforms has emerged as a necessity in delivering efficient and cost effective inspections.

By working with AltoMaxx you gain a partner that understands those efficiencies – and has the equipment, expertise, and experience to safely and successfully support your operations.

Slide Public Safety Each of thermal Imaging’s benefits – the ability to see in low or zero-light situations, peer through obscuring smoke or fog, and detect imperceptible variances in temperature – have lead to widespread applications in surveillance, firefighting, and search and rescue.

In firefighting, Thermal cameras can allow you to quickly identify an areas risk to re-ignite, or if a fire obscured by smoke is still burning. While in Surveillance and Search and Rescue, the ability to pick up slight variances in temperature provide benefits to tracking or locating people.

By pairing these benefits with a drone-based solution, you gain the ability to more quickly mobilize to address these solutions with the added benefit of real time information; meaning increases to efficiency, cost, and above all – safety

Slide Wildlife Management Monitoring or managing wildlife is essential for keeping track of animal movement patterns, habitat utilization, and population demographics – but wildlife may live in an area that is inaccessible, present a potential safety risk to observers, or simply be difficult to encounter via terrestrial means.

Whether conducting baseline monitoring as the foundation of a projects Environmental Impact Assessment, trend monitoring as part of ongoing conservation efforts, or habitat monitoring to monitor the outcomes of forestry or development project; Thermal Imaging provides a safe and unobtrusive means to measure and monitor wildlife effectively and accurately.
Slide Building & Asset Management Building and asset inspection often requires a visual of areas that are inaccessible by foot, or are costly to reach by traditional means. Aerial Inspections using thermal imaging allow for real time visualization of assets where simple visual inspections don’t tell the whole story.

Whether monitoring HVAC systems for performance and maintenance, monitoring pumps and motors to prevent overheating or maintenance issues, or non-destructive testing to detect insulation breakdown and sediment in pipelines; Thermal imaging provides a reliable and accurate method to collect critical data for maintaining your assets.
Slide Leak Detection The source of a leak is not always obvious, worse still it can be expensive and destructive to locate and address. Fortunately, infrared imaging can be used to not only find the source of a leak, but determine the extent of damage caused to a property by moisture-related issues.

Locating leaks can also require access and visual observation of an area that is inaccessible by foot, or may hazardous to reach by traditional means – by using a drone-based solution you can easily access challenging locations, and using our integrated thermal sensors allows for data collection that can easily be uploaded and analyzed to provide a clear visual of problem areas.
Slide Solar Farm Inspections Solar farm management costs the industry an estimated $1 billion per year in labor costs. In order to avoid unnecessary and unexpected costs, routine inspections are important to ensure everything is in proper working order.

While these inspections are a critical element of operational efficiency, they can be both hazardous and tedious. Drones equipped with thermal imaging technology can help you detect hot spots instantly – transforming a half-day job into minutes.

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