Drone / Aerial Services

Drone Inspections

  • Asset Inspection​
  • Confined Space​
  • Infrared/Thermal

Surveying/Mapping & Modeling

  • Aerial Survey​
  • 3D maps & modeling​
  • Area, Distance Volume, Elevation​
  • Visual,  Thermal, Multispectral

Aerial Imagery/Video

  • Event Recording​
  • Security / Overwatch​
  • Broadcasting​
  • Corporate Marketing
Our services utilizing RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) or commonly known as “drones” are built on uncompromised excellence.

Pilots and Crew​

Our pilots and crew members have extensive field operational experience as well as technical and regulatory knowledge, providing services and training to the most demanding organizations and enterprises

  • Pilots and system operators with extensive experience
  • Trained on the latest drone platforms and technology
  • Trained on inspection methodologies
  • Level 1 Certified Thermographer
  • Pix4D Certified
  • Experts in manual, autonomous programmed flights, GPS denied environments, indoor, confined space operations
  • Transport Canada RPAS Pilot Certificate – Advanced Operations

Operating procedures and standards

Our RPAS operating procedures, checklists, and crewmember qualifications are designed to meet more stringent requirements, beyond the aviation regulations. This allows our pilots and equipment the agility and response times to operate anywhere, providing a consistent level of safety, quality and service.

  • ISO 21384-3 Certified
  • Transport Canada CARs compliant
  • COR Certified
  • Special Flight Operation Certificate (SFOC) operations for BVLOS, high altitude

Equipment and software

Aerial intelligence and data collection need the right sensor and software for processing. Quality sensors equal accurate and quality data. We only operate the best industrial drones and sensors from industry leaders. For unparallel location precision  temperature, PPM, dimensional accuracy, we can thoroughly and accurately collect the data and inspect your site. 

  • RTK GNSS enabled drones for GPS accuracy
  • High resolution thermal and optical cameras
  • Gas detection with Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
  • On-board radiation detector/dosimeter
  • Confined space, indoor, GPS denied environment operational capability
  • Custom payload for special operational requirements
  • Industry leading photogrammetry, inspection tools and software platform



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