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ISO 21384-3:2019 Certification

Internationally Recognized and Agreed Standards

The new Standard, ISO 21384-3:2019 Unmanned aircraft systems — Part 3: Operational procedures has been released. Get your organization certified now!

ISO Standards are a formula for the best way of managing a process. Standards are the distilled wisdom of people with expertise in their subject matter and who know the needs of the organizations they represent – people such as manufacturers, sellers, buyers, customers, trade associations, users or regulators.

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Obtaining ISO certification requires an investment, but it will allow your organization to benefit from improved processes and controls while providing you with additional credibility with customers.

Verify and demonstrate that your organization’s procedures follow proven best practices, compliant to local regulations and meet the requirements for safe RPAS/UAS operations.

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Preparing for certification – Advisory service

How To Get Certified

AltoMaxx consultants can develop, implement and check that you are ready for the ISO audit and certification.

Essential steps to becoming an ISO-certified organization. 

1. Develop your RPAS/UAS Standard Operating Procedures 

Before you can get certified, you will first have to develop and document your processes, implementing the correct procedures to ensure you can maintain your quality standards. 

  • Identify all the procedures required for RPAS/UAS operation.
  • Document procedures with the involvement of management and employees.
  • Review, approve and distribute the documents to those who need access to the information.

2. Implement your system 

  • Ensure procedures are being performed as they are described in your documentation.
  • Ensure employees are trained properly for the tasks they are performing.
  • Create effective reporting systems to cover inspection, corrective actions, preventive actions, management review meetings, monitoring of program, record keeping and so on.
  • Monitor the effectiveness and safety of your operation through the use of measurable data where possible.
  • Review and take action to improve in the areas required.

3. Verify that your system is effective 

  • Conduct the audit and review the processes and system for compliance and effectiveness. Observe, interview people and look at sample records.
  • Identify and report strengths and weaknesses of the management system.
  • Take corrective or preventive action as required.

AltoMaxx consultants can develop, implement and check that you are ready for the ISO audit and certification.


4. Certify/Register your Procedures 

  • Contact AltoMaxx to get started for audit and external registration.
  • AltoMaxx auditor will guide you through the process: Submit your management system documentation for review to ensure it complies with the applicable standard.
  • Prepare for review by AltoMaxx auditor to confirm that the system’s requirements are being satisfied and that the management system is implemented effectively.

Ongoing Program Management

Full RPAS/UAS Program Management​

  • Apply continuous process improvement
  • Training, knowledge and skill currency maintenance
  • Fleet maintenance & repair
  • Document management – update/audit/compliance
  • Regulatory, ISO Standard Compliance​
  • Technical, operation support​ and warranty management



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