Public Safety

Public Safety

Drones Provide Aerial Intelligence to Respond Effectively to Emergencies and Incidents

Situational Awareness & Scene Assessment

Accurate visual feed or data of disaster areas help incident commanders make informed decisions. With a drone’s live stream, they can effectively assess the situation, direct on-the-ground teams and communicate the situation

Law Enforcement

With aerial remote imaging tools, officers can assess a situation and plan response accordingly, from safer and better vantage point, drastically improving officer and bystander safety. Record and map areas after an incident to preserve the scene for further analysis. By using 3D maps or aerial LiDAR point clouds, forensic units can gain a detailed view of a site and provide an unbiased, visual report to the courts.

Humanitarian / Disaster Management

When natural disasters hit, response teams instantly come together to save lives and start rebuilding. Drone technology brings rapid data collection tools to responders, infrastructure maintenance teams, insurers, and more to quickly visualize areas, coordinate activities, to planning for response and recovery to start rebuilding.

Enhanced Safety

Keep ground teams safe with aerial scouting of the scene . Response teams often navigate through vast, challenging and dangerous terrain to save lives. Drones can quickly scout these regions and locate those in danger without risking members of the team.

Fire Fighting

Get a real-time 360 ° view of a burning building. By using thermal imagery to monitor fire progress and spot victims through the thick smoke, commanders can efficiently target attacks without risking firefighters.

Large-scale wildfires can be monitored using thermal and zoom imagery. Commanders can immediately locate hotspots and zoom in to check on teams and resources status. Tackle HazMat situations better whilst maintaining their own safety. With simultaneous thermal and visual imagery, gas detectors and sensors can help response teams quickly identify where and what dangerous substances are located and spreading or moving.



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