Construction & Surveying

Drones Provide Aerial Site Intelligence for Surveying & Construction

Leverage drones and photogrammetry to create accurate, high-resolution drone maps, 3D models, and real-time 2D maps for construction, site management and reporting


Drone based data and photogrammetry is highly accurate and allows for precise applications. Further accuracy can be gained by LiDAR, and other airborne sensors. This prevents mistakes caused by subpar data and allows you to get more done, faster. The advancements of software technology allow drone footage to be incorporated for more accurate maps and designs.

Reduced Time & Cost

Reduce time-consuming ground observations and measurements and cut your crew costs in the process. Drones can reduce or eliminate other costly aerial expenses such as helicopters.

Provides instant view of the site with digital and online results that you can measure, analyze, and share.

Measure Progress

Monitor construction progress and share on-site data throughout a project life cycle. Stakeholders can easily track changes and build as-built models that reflect changes in detail in almost real time. Give up to date reports to clients and keep everyone up-to-date on the progression of the build. Drone data can be securely archived with a timestamp allowing teams to track the progress of a project and share that data/file with a client to increase transparency reporting on the true status of a project.

Share Data

On building sites with remote engineers and other decision-makers, it is crucial to have access to the same data up to date accurate at all times. Problem areas – a part of site or building – can be captured by a drone quickly and accurately controlling delays and aid decision making. 2D and 3D outputs can be shared across platfoms easily to third-party BIM or CAD software for further analysis.



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