Confined Space Inspections

Regardless of the purpose for an inspection in a confined space, one constant holds true, confined space inspections require more planning, specialized skills, equipment, labor and time to access or dismantle the system. Depending on the nature and location of the inspection, a confined space could also pose significant risks.

First, there are the physical challenges. Gaining access, limited mobility, ease of using equipment within the space, communication, and regulating the body temperature of inspectors create an environment of constant and significant risks throughout the inspection.

In addition to these physical challenges, there is also the risk of the unknown. Inspectors operating in a confined space could be exposed to several health hazards ranging from site contamination to hazardous gasses, chemicals, inadequate oxygen, fire, or explosion.

While a confined space drone may not be suitable to replace all aspects of the confined space environment, it can help provide preliminary visual inspections more quickly, at a lower cost, and with significantly lower risk. However, using drones for this type of work requires a specialized drone, a means to control the drone beyond visual line of sight, the skill to operate the drone without traditional self-leveling or GPS support, and, in some cases, a certification to undertake the work.

By working with AltoMaxx, you gain a partner that has the equipment, expertise, and experience to safely and successfully support your confined space program. As the only RPAS consulting company in North America to be provided a DNV-GL certification, AltoMaxx has the ability to use Remote Inspection Techniques (RIT) as an alternative means for a close-up survey of the structure of ships and mobile offshore units in accordance with Class Programme DNVGL-CP-0484.

Our unmanned aerial vehicle operations meet all industry-specific policies and procedures required to conduct confined space inspections and provide you with reduced inspection costs, reduced inspection time, better asset management, and improved safety – all while providing a comprehensive data collection platform.

Slide Ports & Marine As the world’s population continues to grow maritime transport has an essential role to play in growth and sustainable development. As an important piece of sustainable economic infrastructure ports provide a crucial connection between the ocean and land transport activities.

In port and marine environments our specialized drones can be mobilized to provide confined space inspections for ballast tanks, ship exteriors, safety systems, ship funnels, ship masts, and ship interiors for damage, corrosion, and coating issues.

Slide Manufacturing Manufacturing is remains one of the most important industries in the world. In the US, manufacturing generates more economic activity than any other sector and helps drive evolution in research and development, innovation, productivity, and overall exports.

Our confined space drones help support that evolution by providing plant floor infrastructure and structural inspection capabilities without the need to shut down areas and use expensive and risky scaffolding. These inspections help to improve manufacturing facilities by maximizing equipment uptime while reducing costs, time and labor.
Slide Oil & Gas Since the 1950’s, oil has increasingly become the world’s most important source of energy. Petroleum products are a mainstay of modern economies, supplying energy to the power industry, heating homes, and providing fuel for vehicles and aeroplanes to carry goods and people all over the world.

Particularly in offshore environments, our confined space drones provide the ability to Inspect vessels, pipelines and tanks worrying about the risks of oxygen deficiency, dangerous gasses, and restrictive entry points. In short – our solutions offer proven results, without putting workers in danger.
Slide Power & Energy The rapid growth of the energy industry has lead to it being one of the most important factors in maintaining a normal life. travel, telecommunications, leisure, education, manufacturing, and nearly every occupation on earth requires some form of power input to operate; making the power industry a crucial utility in our everyday lives.

Our confined space drones help support operations by providing support during refueling outages, decommissioning, and visual inspections without the need to shut down or erect costly scaffolding for inspections that can pose a risk to worker safety. Our inspection solutions help decreasing cost, increase safety and reducing time – supporting quicker outage resolutions.
Slide Public Safety & Disaster Management
Done-based solutions are increasingly being used to support efforts in public safety and disaster management. When public safety is at risk, or a disaster occurs, first response teams need access to readily available, accurate information. Confined space drones offer the ability to get this information, without added risk to wellbeing.

In Police and Fire response situations, our drones provide Increased situational awareness and safety for Police, SWAT, Fire Departments. By providing real-time visual support for tactical situations like active shooters, hostage situations, and search and rescue operations without placing first responders at added risk.

In emergency situations, our drones provide a method to access damaged or potentially compromised infrastructure to verify integrity, identify individuals requiring support, or assess the presence of potentially harmful gasses or chemicals without added risk to response teams.

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