Bathymetry Sensing

Bathymetric sensors translate sound into images allowing you to see into the depths of rivers, lakes, and oceans. By equipping a drone with a bathymetric sensor, we can safely analyze coastal and shallow areas as easily as we can open water.

Bathymetry is the measurement of the depth of water in oceans, rivers, or lakes. Bathymetric maps look similar to topographic maps, but use lines to show the shape and elevation of underwater features as opposed to land. The data collected through Bathymetric survey techniques is used to monitor climate change; develop hydrodynamic models to predict tides, currents, and hazards; or study the habitat of benthic organisms to aid in conservation and monitoring.

While high-resolution methods have yet to be perfected for deep ocean bathymetry, its provides a high degree of accuracy where used in relatively shallow water. Traditionally, these methods rely on ship based sonar to collect and compile data for studies. However, this method has some limitations.

Since sonar can only measure a set area at a given time, and ships are confined to defined pathways, a ship-based solution often requires several passes on a single route in order to “stitch” data together. An additional challenge is that ships are confined to certain depths, making near shore bathymetry or bathymetry of shallow areas difficult or impossible to capture. As such, Ship based solutions (while ideal in deep water environments) can prove to be costly and difficult to implement in near-shore or shallow water environments.

In these situations, a drone-based bathymetric survey provides a significant advantage. Additionally, the drone’s precise positioning while following the survey routes, ability to fly at a constant speed and low altitudes capabilities, result in high accuracy measurements on the first pass.

As a Level 2 Distributor, Partner, and Trainer of SPH Engineering, which develops the UgCS line of equipment, we have the experience and the technology to complete these inspections safely and quickly. Our platforms use 450Khz single-frequency or 30-50 / 200Khz dual-frequency transducers – Providing a maximum depth of 100-200 m.

Slide Bathymetric Mapping Bathymetric maps are important tools for navigation, fishing, and scientific studies. Potential uses can include mapping water depths and sediments before dredging and cleaning in shallow or seaweed ponds, lakes, rivers, and canals; bottom profiling of rivers and lakes for scientific investigations and environmental monitoring; or Sludge volume measurements at waste stabilization ponds.

With the ability to deploy anywhere, operate in harsh conditions, and provide data to a depth of 200m – Our drone-based bathymetry solutions provide significant advantages in efficiency, cost, and safety.
Slide Tailings Management Tailings ponds are engineered dam and dyke facilities used for the storage of tailings materials and are used worldwide as an essential part of mining and industrial processes. Tailings are typically a mixture of water, sand, clay, and a residual by-product of the extraction process.

Bathymetric surveys of tailings dams are necessary because the sediment levels beneath the water can constantly change impacting the volume of water stored.

With the ability to deploy anywhere, operate in harsh conditions, and quickly provide accurate data – Our drone-based bathymetry solutions provide significant advantages in efficiency, cost, and safety.
Slide Underwater Inspections In addition to mapping applications, bathymetric surveys also provide a method for underwater inspections for engineering works (bridge or pipeline crossings). The purpose of routine underwater inspection is to provide the information necessary to evaluate the condition of an existing bridge, pipeline, or in-water structure.

In these applications, drone-based bathymetry provides benefits in cost, efficiency, reliability, and safety with the ability to deploy anywhere, operate in harsh conditions, and quickly provide accurate data.
Slide Emergency Response An emerging use of Drone-based bathymetry is in public safety and emergency response. When public safety is at risk, or a disaster occurs, first response teams need access to readily available, accurate information.

Particularly as it pertains to food areas, bathymetry provides emergency response teams with the ability to easily map inundated areas to better understand damage caused by the event, and the risks that presents. The ability of our Drone-based solution to deploy anywhere, operate in harsh conditions, and quickly provide accurate data provides better operational knowledge – which means better preparedness and response.

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