Steve Priestley

Steve Priestley

Steve Priestley

Chief Operating Officer

About Steve Priestley

Steve has 23 years in the environmental and innovation sector. He has worked with municipalities and Indigenous communities from British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Nunavut to the Northwest Territories, assisting communities with their water and wastewater needs. There are not many places in Canada that Steve has not been, sharing his knowledge and working with communities.  He has worked with communities in every province and territory in the country

Steve began his career with the Ontario Clean Water Agency, starting as a Water Distribution Operator, and moving into management a few years later. He then relocated to Alberta, to start a new adventure, managing municipal water and wastewater utilities. Chris and Steve, as they have become known across the country, began a new journey in 2012 when Steve joined the BioMaxx team, expanding their scope of services and eventually opening up an Atlantic Canada office in St. John’s NL. AltoMaxx was founded in 2018 and with hard work and determination by Chris, Steve and staff, was able to go national and become leaders in the UAV/RPAS sector providing the highest quality outputs on the market.

Steve loves the travel and education that comes along with this career, and learning from first-hand experience in the field.  He is passionate about his work, and loyal and dedicated to his employees, customers and external stakeholders.

Steve currently resides in Newfoundland and Labrador with his wife Melody  and daughter who are the pride of his life.



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