Jordan Bannister

Jordan Bannister

Jordan Bannister

Chief RPAS Operations Specialist

About Jordan Bannister

With the call sign “Maverick”, Jordan is a regular Tom Cruise.  He flies RPAS/UAV’s fast and delicate and is one of the best RPAS Operators in North America.  Jordan has a passion for RPAS’s and they are in his blood.  With his education in both Environmental Sciences and Underwater Rovers, RPAS/UAV’s were a natural fit.

Jordan started his career with Biomaxx Environmental and quickly worked his way up thru the ranks with his skill doing leak detection, and flow monitor trouble shooting.  He became a lead hand and was instrumental in growing the company thru training other staff and his dedication to the job.  Jordan joined AltoMaxx when it founded and became one of Atlantic Canada’s first flight reviewers leading the charge on training throughout all of Atlantic Canada

Jordan has flown RPAS/UAV’s internationally on missions and has the skill and touch to fly in the toughest environments whether they be inside confined spaces, or outside in hard to reach areas obtaining optimal data for clients and external stakeholders alike.  In his downtime, Jordan likes to surprise surprise fly RPAS’s, use the flight simulator, play soccer, the Montreal Canadians or visit his family in Grand Bank, Newfoundland and Labrador



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